Tall Turquoise Glass Oil Dispenser
Tall Turquoise Glass Oil Dispenser

Tall Turquoise Glass Oil Dispenser

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You will always be able to find an Oil dispenser in any Spanish kitchen, Oil, specifically olive oil, is a very important part of Mediterranean culture and cuisine and contains many health benefits. Spain is one of the most important producers of Olive oil  in the world! 

The oil dispenser allows for a perfect pour, with its thin spout so that you can use just the right amount of oil to add to the finishing touches to a dish, or to use it for your recipes. the large storage capacity and easily refillable design allows you to use this oil dispenser with ease around your kitchen or on your dining room table. 

The traditional blown glass technique in which the dispensers are made, is becoming a part of Unesco's Intangible Heritage, with each item taking 6 weeks to make, making it a luxury item to really compliment your kitchen. 

They are made in a 300 year old traditional Mallorcan factory, and the 8 generations that run the factory, continue to use the same techniques and formulas as in 1719. We love the style of the Giordiola glassware, the colour palette and beautiful yet austere designs, just like the Mediterranean houses for which they were designed. 


Measurements: 15x15x24cm

Capacity: 750ml

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