Ideas regalo para el día del padre

Gift ideas for Father's Day

What do you give to a father who has everything ?

Well, our proposal is that you give him time , it is our most precious asset and surely a gift that he will love.

But how do I make that gift that time special? Well, with our special packs , made especially to enjoy perfect moments.

How well do you know your father? Which pack do you think he would like the most?

cheesemaker father pack

Father Cheese Pack as its name suggests, for the cheese lover.

Brewery pack

Father Brewer Pack , everything you need to have a good aperitif with a good craft beer, mussels, olives...

Padre Sybarita Pack , perfect for doing a good oil tasting with it.

Padre Pata Negra Pack a selection of the best sausages from Spain.

Healthy Father Pack , for those who take good care of themselves.

Van Father Pack , for those who like to travel.

Once you have chosen the pack you have two options:

  1. The first, we send it directly to your father with a note that says, do not open until I am with you :) We will take care of it.
  2. We send it to your house and you show up with it on Father's Day.

In any case, all the packs are perfect to enjoy together, in company and thus be able to give your most precious asset, your time .

And enjoy your father as much as you can.

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