Golondrinas de cerámica

Ceramic Swallows

Did you know that giving ceramic swallows is good luck?

In the 50s it was very common to see ceramic swallows hanging in the patios and balconies of houses in Levante. In Manises, these birds began to be manufactured by hand in the 1920s.

The swallows are made with artisanal and basic ceramic techniques in two unique colors: black and white.

Why are they said to bring good luck?

Well, because in addition to being the announcement of the arrival of spring, it is believed that wherever they build their nest it brings protection and happiness in that home.

Ceramic Swallows

Swallows have been named in Shakespeare's works, and in many poems, who does not know the poem by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer: "The dark swallows will return", I would like to remember it:

The dark swallows will return

on your balcony their nests to hang,
and again with the wing to its crystals
playing they will call.

But those that the flight restrained
your beauty and my joy to contemplate,
those who learned our names...
those... they won't come back!

The bushy honeysuckle will return
of your garden the walls to climb,
and again in the afternoon even more beautiful
its flowers will open.

But those dew curds
whose drops we watched tremble
and fall like tears of the day...
those... they won't come back!

They will return from love in your ears
the burning words to sound;
your heart from its deep sleep
maybe he will wake up.

But mute and absorbed and on my knees,
how God is worshiped before his altar,
as I have loved you..., disabuse yourself,

no one like that will love you.


This year we wanted to bring something new to Real Fábrica. Many clients told us, why don't you make magnets? We thought it was a fantastic idea so we ordered them from the factory and we already have them with us....

swallow magnet

swallow magnet

If you prefer to hang them on the wall, in this video we show you how you can do it:

Now is the perfect time to bring good luck to your house or the house of whoever you choose. For almost the price of 2 ceramic swallows you get three.

Ceramic Swallows

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