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Gifts for companies

At Real Fábrica, we have a large selection of Christmas baskets and gifts for companies. In this way you will be able to recognize the effort and dedication of the employees and workers with our local products that culturally identify the Spanish identity, revealing not only the exceptional quality, but also the history of the artisans who made their products with passion and dedication.

Baskets with the best gourmet products

We give you to know the best of our country, the way our products are manufactured and the history of its artisans. Some of our best selection features local products from Spanish cuisine such as Iberian ham, truffled salchichón, northern anchovies and Manchego cheese.

Our most outstanding packs have been designed with those who appreciate good food in company in mind. The ''Pack oil, cheese, anchovies and wines'' is a perfect example. From extra virgin olive oil to Roble red wine, this pack has been conceived as an exceptional gift for those who enjoy tapas and good times.

Christmas gifts for companies

Our creativity is not limited to the holidays. With the ''Christmas All Year Pack'' you can give the essence of Christmas at any time. From chocolate cakes to artisanal nougat and the unique sliced ​​acorn-fed Iberian ham, this pack is a constant celebration.

At Real Fábrica, we believe that both the product and its presentation are equally important aspects in our tireless pursuit of excellence. Whatever details you need, we will provide them so you can have the perfect corporate gourmet gift.

If you want to add another product to an already created pack, buy it separately and we can put it in the pack. Or if you prefer to create your own gourmet pack yourself, select the items you want carefully, adapting them to your taste and the preference of the recipients.

Business Gift Ideas

The Esparto basket with small handle is the perfect example to turn it into a Christmas basket and make your gift pack for business clients. This basket alludes to those great Andalusian artisans who carefully braided the rustic ornament that would later become a basket.

When customers receive these personalized gifts, the experience is extraordinary. Not only do they enjoy the exquisite flavors of gourmet products, but they also feel valued and appreciated by your company. Attention to detail and elegant presentation make this gesture unforgettable.

We take maximum care of the shipping of your products, guaranteeing that they arrive in perfect condition. We are proud to offer not only exceptional gourmet products, but also an impeccable shopping experience for our customers.

Personalized gifts for companies

With our selection of personalized gifts for companies you can choose your basket pack to your liking by choosing the products you like the most, the ideal box or basket and personalizing your package with a handwritten message.

At the Royal Factory, we always guarantee the best quality with the best gourmet products of Spanish gastronomy and we strive to take care of every detail in the presentation of the gifts.

If you want to create your own pack, simply add it to the shopping cart. Then choose the products you like the most from other sections and add them too. At the end you can write a dedication for whoever you want to give the pack to and we will take care of packaging everything together with your handwritten note.

If you have any questions, you can ask us by sending us an email to and we will respond as soon as possible. If you prefer, you can call us at 911 25 20 21. Do not hesitate to download our gift catalog for companies.