Vermouth + Siphon
Vermouth + Siphon

Vermouth + Siphon


As you know, in Spain we take quite seriously our snack dates on weekends. We call them "la hora del vermut", and we normally meet up before lunch to have a few vermouths with soda or beers and some tapas while we catch up with our friends.

This pack has the perfect couple to brighten up your Sundays and invite some friends home to have some vermouths and Spanish tapas. This pack has a bottle of one of the best Spanish vermouths and a siphon with carbonated water to bubble up your drink.
Casa Mariol is a family company that has been cheering up Spain's snacks for more than 70 years. They were surely born to keep this tradition, as they own a winery in Batea, Tarragona, where they've been producing an excellent product all this time. A product which totally defines them and their love for their traditions.
- We have blue, yellow, green and red siphons, don't worry because we will send the coolest one (randomly) to you. If you really, really want one colour in particular, write to us and we'll try to send it to you if we have it available.
- These siphons are returnable, that's why they all have some imperfections outside. But don't worry because we constantly buy the refills back at the factory, so it's as fresh as it gets. If you find a factory which works with them, you can take it there and fill it again, but it's getting quite difficult these days.
Siphon: 0,90 LCasa Mariol: 1 L Alcohol: 15 % vol

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