Golfo Vermouth
Golfo Vermouth

Golfo Vermouth

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This is a quirky vermouth made in Northern Spain but with Southern spirit. It's fresh, kinda naughty and really thought of. It's made with Tempranillo grapes, lightly over-rippened in Ribera del Duero. This is aged in barrels, so it gets that beautiful chestnut color with light amber shades.

What is different about it? It comes from red grapes, not white ones, and it started as a family experiment just to enjoy with friends and family, but it's so good they couldn't keep it only for themselves.
The winery Cillar de Silos was officially founded by Amalio Aragón and his children back in the 70's, when he started buying different small country state thinking about making a wine from their town, Quintana de Pidio.
Content: 0,75 LVol: 15 %

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