Large Red Enamelware Mug
Large Red Enamelware Mug
Large Red Enamelware Mug

Large Red Enamelware Mug

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Pewter or enamelware is the name given to the vitreous enamel steel objects that could be found in every kitchen in Spain back in the day.

Let's not forget the amazing moments families and friends shared together, using this enamelware mug! We are so happy that the love for vintage products has made a return!

This gorgeous large red enamelware mug will remind Spaniards of their fun childhood experiences and memories of camping, and filling these high quality mugs with a hot drink to keep their hands cosy and warmed up after a chilly evening.

    • Content: 0.7 L
    • Size: 11.5 x 10 cm approx

    • Due to the traditional methods used to make these pieces, there may be some surface burns. This is completely normal and they give them the rustic character that we love
    • You can use these pieces in the oven, over gas stoves, electric or vitros, but they won't work well with induction stoves
    • You can wash them in your dishwasher
    • Do not put them in the microwave as they are made out of metal

    This product is not produced in Spain. At Real Fábrica, we have a total of 1700 products, 20 of which are not made in our country. However, we have decided to include them in our shop for a very legitimate reason. In this case, the reason is that we have been collaborating with this company, called Ibili, for years. They are originally from the north of Spain and for many decades have always worked with great professionalism, and even though they have decided to source their products from outside our borders, they continue to provide employment and economy to our country. Due to this reason, and because the enamelware products in this range are a wonderful tribute to our grandmothers (because we grew up with them), we have decided to make an exception and keep them in our catalogue. In the meantime, we are trying to find a Spanish factory that will create these wonderful products and return to manufacturing them here. The technology used is very complicated, but we hope that they will be back soon! 

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