Medium White Enamelware Mug
Medium White Enamelware Mug
Medium White Enamelware Mug

Medium White Enamelware Mug

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The memories of sipping a hot drink and warming up your hands with one of these pewter mugs on a chilly evening will come flooding back. This medium size white enamelware mug is the perfect reminder of going camping, and growing up in Spain.

Pewter or enamelware is the name given to the vitreous enamel steel objects designed in the Basque Country that could be found in every kitchen in Spain back in the day. The enamelware items selected by Real Fábrica Española mainly come from a manufacturer in the Basque Country, who have been producing exceptionally high quality products since 1942.

Contents: 0.3 L

  • Due to the traditional methods used to make these pieces, there may be some surface burns. This is completely normal and they give them the rustic character that we love
  • You can use these pieces in the oven, over gas stoves, electric or vitros, but they won't work well with induction stoves
  • You can wash them in your dishwasher
  • Do not put them in the microwave as they are made out of metal

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