Warm Feet, Forever Love Pack
Warm Feet, Forever Love Pack
Warm Feet, Forever Love Pack

Warm Feet, Forever Love Pack

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To snuggle up together on the couch on cold winter nights. This pack includes two pairs of babutxes, a checkered maragata blanket and a gift basket.

When you add your pack to the basket, please, tell us in the notes section the babutx sizes you need.

The wool of this blanket is 100% pure sheep, and with the manufacturing processes a light and heat-conserving fabric is obtained, while being perfectly breathable. Babutxes are the ones of a lifetime! What a pleasure to come home after a long day and put on the babutxes. The shoes that provide comfort and warmth. Made in Mallorca by hand, with bovine leather and sheep. Stitch by stitch from the 60s, a classic that combines perfectly with any pajamas. They are so comfortable that they wish they could be taken outside!

Wool blanket:

  • Composition: 100% pure sheep wool
  • Travel measurements: 180 cm x 140 cm

Possibility of washing: by hand, with cold water (<30º) and neutral or special detergent for wool, avoiding hitting or rubbing. Let drain horizontally. Avoid direct sun. Dry cleaning in professional service is more advisable. To preserve them well, air them on a clothesline to remove dust and odors periodically.

Babutxes cleaning: being skin, with a brush soaked in water and detergent they look great. Some people put them in the washing machine, but it is not recommended because they can be damaged

  • They do not have a rubber sole. The sole is made of the same leather.
  • They do not slip, although they are not special for first steps.
  • They have no right or left foot, the shape of the foot makes the shape of the babutxe in the first use.
  • The trim, the brown strip that borders the shoe, is not stitched, so it can be inserted and removed manually in case it comes loose
  • They usually carve well (but in size 42, 43 and 44, we recommend ordering one more for safety. Only in those 3 sizes).

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