100% Spanish Pack
100% Spanish Pack

100% Spanish Pack


This stunning double layered basket contains a selection of the most Spanish products we sell! The basket in itself represents a Spanish tradition from the 1950s and 60s when shop owners would create a raffle and the prize would be a beautiful basket full of their gourmet high quality products. Another tradition with these baskets was that businesses would give them to their employees and important and loyal customers at Christmas! 

This particular pack is perfect for anyone who's wants to get a taste of Spain's most typical and famous products. It contains food and drink produced in different regions around this incredible country. 

You can create your own custom version of this pack, by clicking the tick next to the products you want to select, and you can always select a different basket too from the 'create your own pack' section. If you forget to add a product after ordering your pack, simply add it separately to your basket and we can put it into your pack for you! 

The pack includes: deliciously salted Iberian ham slices, from acorn fed pigs; Iberian, acorn fed pigs' liver paté with herbs, salt and leeks; a special selection of Manchego cheese, made with raw sheep's milk and has a bold flavour; oak smoked dried beef that's  cured for at least a year; 100% natural luxury breadsticks; tender tuna belly from the Cantabrian sea; sweet white chocolate and cocoa covered almonds; traditional quince sweets, made with flavours from a flower similar to the almond flower; Red wine produced by Sierra Cantabria in 2017, has a strong flavour and fruity notes; a goose liver paté, from free range geese, making it extra rich in flavour. 


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