A Tour Around Spain in 80 Day Trips (ES)

A Tour Around Spain in 80 Day Trips (ES)

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The definitive road trip to travel around Spain, by car or by motorcycle, always taking you on the most exciting and spectacular routes! 10,000 km along Spanish roads, divided into 80 suggestions to explore some of the most unusual places in the country and enjoy its historical and monumental heritage (many of these sites are endorsed by UNESCO world heritage), its lush nature (Natural and National Parks, Biosphere reserves and Geoparks...) its archaeological treasures, hundreds of beaches to get lost on and beautiful mountain ranges where you feel like you can touch the sky! 

This book contains detailed maps of each route, specific recommendations for local areas and updated content. It is an incredible guide to inspire exciting trips and to keep in your glovebox to accompany you at all times and for off-road tips! 

  • Author: Various Authors 
  • Number of pages: 480 
  • Publisher: ANAYA TOURING
  • Editing: Rústica Hilo
  • Language: Spanish
  • ISBN: 9788491582403

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