La Tribu. Conociendo a Sara

La Tribu. Conociendo a Sara

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The Tribe is a solidarity book, since the € 10 you will pay for it is entirely destined for the Huelva-based Laberinto Foundation, with which Real Fábrica collaborates closely for the construction of a multipurpose center aimed at the care of people with intellectual disabilities and developmental (which in many cases associated with rare diseases).

The book, written and coordinated by Marta Delgado, is intended for children 12 years and older, especially adolescents, and even parents! Marta's three children, from 9 to 13 years old, have collaborated significantly in the designs.

All of us who have participated in this project, starting with its author as well as the printing press and the points of sale, do it in a totally altruistic way.

The plot of the book revolves around Sara, always surrounded by her friends, she lives her life without worries, until one day she discovers that things are not what they seem.

What would you do if a train you board derailed? What if they all disappear? Would you call your mother?

When the hurricane of adolescence hits your home, your world, your friends, and your life can change, if in less than 20 seconds, you make the wrong decision. But your imagination can make you reach the most unexpected situations or return to reality, as if you woke up from a dream, or from a nightmare ...

A story that invites us to be aware that acts have consequences, but also tells us about second chances, that "everything goes out" and you learn, of valuing each ray of light that comes to our window, and looking at the next door as if you were looking in a mirror.

  • Author: Marta Delgado Villarejo
  • Number of pages: 164 pp.
  • Binding: Softcover
  • Language: Spanish
  • ISBN: 9781980985198

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