Gourmet Paella Pack
Gourmet Paella Pack

Gourmet Paella Pack


We all have a foodie friend who loves cooking! Why not give them this Paella pack? They will be able to learn how to make one of the most well known dishes in the history of Spanish gastronomy! It comes with the gourmet version of every ingredient that is required to create a delicious paella. 

This pack comes with: a glass bottle of saffron essence, which is considered a luxury in Spanish cooking; a box of El Aeroplano food colouring; a mini pot of Ibiza salt; a small bottle of extra virgin Cortijo de la Cruz olive oil; and a bag of Bomba rice. These products come packaged in a mini rustic basket. 

You can choose what products you want to include in this snack pack, by clicking the box, with a blue tick appearing next to each product you want to include in your pack. We will then process your custom pack and beautifully package it for you. If you are giving this pack as a gift, you can also add a personal note, if you wish. Just tell us what you want to say in your note, and we will add it to your pack for you! Don't worry if you forget to select a product, just put it in your shopping basket separately, and we will put it into your pack for you.


- Approximate basket measurements: 24 x 14.5 cm 

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