Spanish Oils Pack
Spanish Oils Pack
Spanish Oils Pack

Spanish Oils Pack


Are you an aspiring chef? This pack contains all the oils you need to experience the full Spanish cooking experience! It contains different types of olive oil, so that you can test different oils for different recipes, and see the variations between the oils!

Olive oil is a very important symbol of wealth in mediterranean cooking and culture, and it is used in many different Spanish recipes. Spain produces almost 50% of the world's golden juice from the olive fruit, meaning it is the largest producer of olive oil in the world! 

In Jaén, in the south of Spain, the oils have a spicy taste with a buttery texture and notes of apples and nutty flavours. In Córdoba, the oil is organic extra virgin olive oil! In the autonomous community of Extremadura, you can get a taste of olive oil made from Arbequina olives, they are tiny yet incredibly juicy, with the oil being produced using traditional extraction techniques. In Tarragona, in northeastern Spain, the oil is produced using cold extraction techniques.

This incredible oil selection comes with a book so you can have some background knowledge on each type of oil! 

You can create a custom version of this pack! Simply select the products you want. Don't worry if you forget something, just add it separately and we can put it into your pack for you! 


-basket measurements: 28 x 11 cm

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