Arroyabe Anchovies
Arroyabe Anchovies
Arroyabe Anchovies

Arroyabe Anchovies

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Arroyabe is one of the world's most authentic fish preserve companies in the world. It is situated in Bermeo, in Basque Country, fishing port of one the biggest tuna fishing areas in the Cantabrian sea.

In order to preserve all their flavour, freshness and quality, Arroyabe products are manufactured following traditional methods and using only the best natural products from the Cantabrian Sea. Arroyabe's fish preserves and salted fish have more than 100 years experience and tradition.
Anchovies are quite common in Spanish tapas and appetizers, enjoy them with some bread, green olives and a good white wine!
  • Net weight: 49g
  • Ingredients: Anchovies, olive oil and salt
  • Allergens: Fish

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