Gourmet Paella Pack
Gourmet Paella Pack

Gourmet Paella Pack


We all have a foodie friend who loves cooking and they definitely deserve you to treat him with this pack, so they can make paella as a real Spaniard. It comes with gourmet version of every ingredient you need. As a note, the olive oil shown in the picture is sold out, so we will send you a different one but don't worry because it will be as good as that one.

Real Fábrica Española introduces a brand new selection of gift boxes which are fun yet sophisticated, the perfect gift either to give away to someone you love or to spoil yourself with. They are all carefully packed with great materials so that they’ll arrive at their destination in perfect condition. You can customize this pack by unchecking the boxes right by the photo if you think any of the products is too much or you can add something to your present if you need anything else, just add it to your basket and we will put it in the pack.If you wish to create your own gift box, you just have to choose the items you would like to include, and then, choose one of the boxes or baskets available. We will pack everything up super pretty, you just have to tell us the message you want us to handwrite on the note and that's it.
Basket measurements: 24 x 15,5 cm

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