Finca Pascualete Round Sheep Cheese - Small
Finca Pascualete Round Sheep Cheese - Small

Finca Pascualete Round Sheep Cheese - Small

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This delicious and smooth small rounded sheep's cheese produced by the classic Spanish cheese making brand, Finca Pascualete, is a must have for those who can't get enough of the rich and unique flavour of sheep cheese. This cheese is high quality and has even won an award from the World cheese awards for the ' Super Gold category" 'for 2011! 

The cheese is produced using raw sheep's milk, from sheep that graze in the land right next to the artisan dairy, where they make the cheese and where the sheep can enjoy a beautiful landscape with forests of holm oak and cork oak. The sheep have a 100% natural diet of a variety of herbs, such as rockrose, juniper, thyme, blackberry bush and rosemary. 

This cheese can be best enjoyed on toasted bread. The flavour is soft and smooth, yet stays on your palate, and has vegetable undertones, its texture is very creamy and almost a liquid, due to the artisan technique of flipping the cheese daily. Once you have the first taste of this delicious and creamy cheese, you will be hooked!

+ info 

- Net weight: 140 g

Ingredients: Sheep's milk cheese, thistle and salt

Allergens: dairy / lactose

Nutritional information per 100 g: 

- Energy: 1460 kJ / 356 kcal

- Fats: 29 g

- Of which are saturated: 19 g

- Carbohydrates: 1 g

- Of which are sugars: 0.9 g

- Protein: 13 g

- Salt: 1.4 g 

Keep stored in a cool and dry place 

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