4 Piece Green Ceramic Dinner Pack
4 Piece Green Ceramic Dinner Pack

4 Piece Green Ceramic Dinner Pack


This beautiful and brightly coloured 4 piece set comes with a green soup bowl, a green speckled plate, a green speckled dessert plate and a green teacup. This set is the perfect gift and is a must have in anyone's home!

This beautiful ceramic set comes from Úbeda, Andalucía in the south of Spain. The potters use the same artisanal methods that their ancestors used to create these one of a kind pieces! If you decide to give this set as a gift, you would also be giving a piece of Spanish history. 

You can choose what products you want to include in this snack pack, by clicking the box, with a blue tick appearing next to each product you want to include in your pack. We will then process your custom pack and beautifully package it for you. If you would prefer to choose specific products and add them to one of our beautiful baskets or boxes we have available, click on 'Create Your Own Pack'.
The PVP (Perceived Value Pricing) is the sum of the product that we will send to you. We try to deliver a pack that is as similar to the photo on our website as possible, but, in busy periods, such as Christmas, there is a possibility that some of our products may be out of stock. If you see that some of our products are crossed out on the website, it is because they are out of stock at that time, and so of course, we won't charge you. We advise you to change it for something similar and we will include it in your pack with the other products.

  • Soup bowl measurements: 22 x 5.5 cm
  • Plate measurements: 23.5 cm diameter 
  • Dessert plate measurements: 18.5 cm diameter 
  • Teacup measurements: 12 x 8 cm 

All of these pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe

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