Fine Linen Tablecloth - Caramel

Fine Linen Tablecloth - Caramel

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Nothing is better than a beautifully set table, which is why we bring you these stunning high quality fine linen tablecloths!

A good tablecloth is the foundation for your table, and if it is 100% linen, it would be the best foundation you could possibly have. Linen is a fabric that evokes freshness and nature. It is excellent for its resistance and durability, it can absorb a huge amount of water and doesn't produce any lint. It is 5 times stronger than cotton.

To create the perfect table, first choose your table linens, then add some gorgeous tableware (ideally it being artisan ceramics), then some simple glassware with a special extra touch. Finally, to finish off your table, place a small jug or vase in the centre with some fresh or dried flowers to add a fresh and aromatic centrepiece that helps create a lovely ambiance.

These tablecloths are made exclusively from 100% natural washed linen.

Need some ideas? If you're in a rush, or feel like being practical, you could use one of our tablecloths to help gather napkins or table runners, to make tidying up easier! When you want a more elegant table setting, take 2 tablecloths of the same colour range (e.g caramel and terracotta) and place one on top of the other: the larger and darker one underneath and the smaller and lighter one on top. Finish off with your chosen placemats and ta-da! an elegant table to show off to your guests!

  • These tablecloths are made exclusively from 100% natural washed linen, with an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate.
  • Large tablecloth size: 150 x 200 cm
  • Small tablecloth size: 150 x 150 cm

Washing advice and warnings:

  • Hand wash or in a washing machine on a cycle with temperature below 80°
  • Iron on high heat
  • Dry on low temperature
  • Do not use bleach or any harsh products.

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